Just how impartial is your real estate adviser?


Trouble in paradise? It had to happen sometime the only question was when.

Well the answer for Cushman & Wakefield came pretty quickly following the announcement of its take-over by DTZ.

WR Berkley Corporation, who will occupy around 20% of its new flagship 400,000 sq ft Lime Street Tower, EC3 has been forced to look for an alternative leasing adviser.

The seeds of the conflict of interest arose as a result of C&W joining the leasing team to work alongside DTZ who were originally appointed by the US insurer.

It got me thinking. Just how impartial is your real estate adviser?

If you’re worried about Chinese walls and the impact this could have on your business, let me tell you about the real world benefits of transparent, objective and conflict-free tenant representation.

Fingers crossed for some late summer sunshine.