No connectivity means you’re out of business!

ByMartin Levy

No connectivity means you’re out of business!

I really like WiredScore … and you should too.

You already know that I’m strictly ‘tenant rep’ but that hasn’t stopped me from getting close to many of London’s major landlords.

Well, thanks to WiredScore, the recognised leader in digital connectivity I’ve successfully narrowed down our 18,000 sq ft search for a US law firm by focusing on a premium selection of City and West End Platinum and Gold certified buildings.

By eliminating the ‘no-hopers’ WiredScore has saved my client’s IT guys valuable time, money and a whole heap of frustration and enabled me to focus squarely on securing the best possible terms.

Go check them out at

Did I also mention that The Levy Group is proud to have been appointed by The Kingdom of Netherlands to acquire their new London Embassy and consular service ?

No ? Well, we’re looking to buy a 15,000-20,000 sq ft freehold property ideally in Kensington & Chelsea or the City of Westminster, though we’d consider Fitzrovia, Bloomsbury and Nine Elms too.

If you’d like to talk about creating a winning strategy that will have landlords and building owners competing for your business, call me on 07968 191 233 for a personal perspective on the benefits of transparent, objective and conflict-free representation.

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