No Brexit, No WeWork and definitely no VAR

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No Brexit, No WeWork and definitely no VAR

When I started out my first ‘boss’ recommended that I get out and meet my ‘twenty something’ contemporaries which was great advice as many are still friends more than forty years later.

But as I got older and more ambitious I started my own business in 1985 (I was no overnight sensation !) and realised I needed to get closer to potential clients and connect with a whole host of what we now know as ‘influencers’ which is just another fancy word for smart, limitless business savvy leaders. So the opportunity to watch, listen and learn from the truly inspirational visionary Cameron Herold (@CameronHerold) at a recent Entrepreneurs’ Organisation event in London (@EntrepreneurOrg) was something I couldn’t miss.

My point is that while it’s essential to know your main industry players (and mine are spread across the globe from the States to Australia and the Far East and I’m continually grateful for their trust, support and confidence in looking after their valued clients) we all need to get out there and mix, aka ‘network’ with groups that at least have a common thread.

Evenings spent playing indoor golf, bowling, axe throwing (!!!) and dressing up as your favourite cartoon character just shows you how far we’ve come in after work pursuits.

Since I love to recommend other professionals I’ve successfully worked with (whether they’re solicitors, project managers, technical consultants or workplace specialists) you can’t accomplish any of this sitting behind your keyboard.

One-to-one’s or networking in a crowd of strangers is exciting – I guess kind of like dating again which is why I haven’t resorted to circulating my online profile just yet plus you get to see me up close whether at a cocktail event in London or a seminar in San Francisco.

I’m also available for weddings, barmitzvah’s and panel discussions J

PS   I’ll happily explain VAR to the uninitiated but Brexit is off limits !

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